Cellular Towers Are Troll Towers

If you look at the Jungian mind map and ask yourself is this how we project our consciousness, now if you imagine what that might look like with a cellular radio tower on a much greater level using the same model. Then you get the idea that anyone with a brain could use that tower to troll the whole neighborhood because mind conTROLL.

Jungian Psychology
Jungian Mind Map


Cellular Towers Are Troll Towers
Trolling Is Mind Control

Made a video for reference purposes regarding anyone with the balls to hack a cellular tower, which can be just about anyone really it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a government that’s does it.



Networked Love and Hate

Networked Love and Hate

Eating Signals

If you have a program called Cisco Packet Tracer or GNS3 on your PC then I have relatively plausible idea as to how union telecommunications technicians have possibly built there own 4G/LTE, cable, DSL and possibly a fiber optic channeled mindware network for themselves as I have elaborated before many times. This where I am able to work out a specific thesis based on current network tools and technologies available to the public and people who work in the telecommunications industry.

Networked Love and Hate (1)

Networked Love and Hate (2)

Network Diagram (Screenshot)

Wireless Radio Frequency Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory Unless It’s Abused By Cheerleaders On The Left

It Just Depends Who Uses It For Whatever Purpose Might Indicate A Conspiracy Where A Theory Develops Based On That Speculation. Wireless Radio Frequencies Are Just A Symptom Of Advance Technology That Are More Widely Distributed and Common Place Than Say A Decade Or Two Ago When There Was Less Of It.

Human Thought Can Be Project On Wireless Radio Frequency Both Analog and Digital Which Can Ultimately Alter The Consciousness Of A People Both Consciously and Unconsciously. To Say That The Military or Western Intelligence Are Only People In The West That Abuse Wireless Radio Frequency Is Bullshit. Because I Know That Nobody’s Trying To Be Somebody’s Abuse Wireless Radio Frequency All The Time To Mess With There Political, Social, Economic, Religious or Intellectual Adversaries. Which Can Be Anyone Really From The Burger Flippers To The White Collar Professionals So To Say This Shit Is A Government Conspiracy Requires Further Proof Otherwise It’s Crackpotish.

Mindwar and Mixed Blood

Mixed Blood

Mindwar Technology Exists To Project Internal Consciousness Externally Onto The Internal Consciousness Of Others. But This Depends On What Blood Type The Person On The Receiving End Has Because It Could Be An Individual With ABO Type Blood Who Sends There Internal Consciousness and Then The Person On The Other Receiving End Might Have Say Rh Positive. To Which The Level Of Compatibility Between The Person Who Has ABO Type Blood Is Out Of Sync With The Person Who Has Rh Positive Blood.

It’s Like Having The Same Computer With The Same Operating System Except One Computer Has 32 Bit (ABO Type Blood) and The Other Computer Has 64 Bit (Rh Positive Blood). They Both Connect Via The Internet But Have Software Incompatibilities With Each Other. However To Get Around The Software Incompatibilities There Are Binary Packages (Psychedelics) Which Allow For The Integration Of 32 Bit (ABO) Into A 64 Bit (Rh Positive) Operating System or 64 Bit (Rh Positive) Into A 32 Bit (ABO) Operating System. Which Means That Both Computers Can Effectively Communicate With Each Other Instead Of Having Issues With Connectivity and Collaboration Between Systems.



Signals Bounce Around Pretty Randomly Unless There Concentrated and Focused On A Specific Adversary.

Every Neighborhood Is A Server Farm With Organic & Synthetic Relationships

Mindware Structure

A Underworld Market For Royal Blood?

It is possible that some drug dealer who gave me there private drug supply put not only adrenochrome in that cocktail of LSD and MDMA over these past four years but maybe somebody’s highly concentrated royal blood into that mix too. I mean it’s not crazy to assume that maybe there is some kind of underworld market for royal blood that gives people a connection to the royal family in some metaphysical and etherical way. Anything is possible in the world today because I know for damn sure that I have no royalty in my family both on my mother’s and father’s side of the family. That somebody has played a very dangerous game against me to either blackmail me, worse depopulate me or members of my own family under some kind of strange circumstance because lot’s things at this point are not adding up here.

not intended for the criminally minded