How Criminal Hackers Can Find Identifying Information On You With Your Phone Number

Sure the government can do a lot of this stuff to but my main focus is the people who aren’t the government or the corporations that do this stuff quite regularly without any sort of oversight. If you give your phone number to the wrong person say with a resume or business card they can simple pull up any identifying information about you and what things connect you to your phone number. The worst part is that a lot of criminal hackers will use open source intelligence to gather information about you until there are satisfied and then they will strike you at moments notice.

Lots of gangstalkers and gaslighters will use open source intelligence techniques on there targets before they jump on them.

Social Engineering Tools

*****Do Not Use Kali Linux or The Social Engineering Toolkit Maliciously Against Someone or Something To Invoke A Victimhood Or Oppression Agenda*****

Guess A Cyber Attack Isn’t Complete Without The Social Engineering Toolkit To Make It Look Like The Government Was Behind The Attack Against A Private Individual and His Private Property. Funny How These Criminals Work They Impersonate The Cops and Or Intelligence Community To Race Bait There Target’s. Then Protest Police Or The Intelligence Community’s Brutality When There Target Is Victimized By The Police Or Intelligence Community. Because They Race Baited There Target But Falsely Personified Or Impersonated Themselves As The Police Or The Intelligence Community To Get The Result They Wanted.

 *****Do Not Use Kali Linux or The Social Engineering Toolkit Maliciously Against Someone or Something To Invoke A Victimhood Or Oppression Agenda*****


It’s Not A Government Thing

Social Encryption

Most radicals like to use the government like a human shield to avoid scrutiny from the illegal shit they commit against the general public. Because that won’t help there agenda if they where to cover there asses by using another hypothetical group to hide behind like a corporation which seems plausible and is totally possible. Besides most self described targeted individuals are made to believe by radicals online that government is behind most of these operations. Means that targeted individuals end up going along with the lie and do the work that the radicals want them to do which is to victim blame or attack the government for something there not doing to a reasonable percentage of the population that think they are. Which works to the benefit of the radicals victimizing these self described targeted individuals. Paving the way for more illegal shit carried out by radicals looking to further exploit anyone they can find for there temporary uses and long term agenda to whatever proportion they have in mind.

But the name of the game in my estimation is political destabilization and balkanization something that is grappling the western world and changing the social landscape quite dramatically which radicalizes society.

Ripe For Abuse

not intended for the criminally minded

See the common misconception is that the only people who use these things is the government and corporations only. Because it would be absurd if private citizens needed to use this service for whatever it maybe and they do use it. There is no conspiracy here folks unless that private citizen is the bad guy like a terrorist for example who needs to take high resolution satellite images to get the lay of the land before he attacks. Then there’s a conspiracy but he wouldn’t need the government to consult him on how to carry out those attacks otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do it in the first place. Yes government’s have there own fleet of imagery satellites but there for them and them only. However I do suspect that career criminal hackers can gain access to them through a trusted position at say a telecommunications corporation that has a contract with the government to maintain there communications infrastructure or with an aerospace company. That kind of stuff in my personal estimation exists where guys with criminal records as thick as Chinese phone books can play the system so well that they can act roles with ease and nobody hardly notices or questions it.


Social Firewall and Encryption


Social encryption by my definition means using one set of symbols and a whole plethora of ideas that a person does not embrace and simply uses it as means to shield themselves from any form scrutiny or persecution. This person would be surrounded by a circle of people which effectively forms a firewall to which each individual person shares either a common set of beliefs or there own separate beliefs. But to also encrypt themselves from the same level of scrutiny or persecution to protect the socially encrypted person in the middle of that circle. If think about most social circles require at least three concentric circles and one individual in middle to effective form an impenetrable collective.

An example to point out this theory I will use Tor which provides a platform for people to communicate and work amongst themselves on the internet without too much interference for the prying eyes of other individuals or collectives in particular the government or other forms of individual or collective competition.

Social Encryption

As I suspect more than anything that any group if it is going to protect it’s collective social interests it will bounce information from one person to another, then to another and before it reaches it’s intended destination the person in the middle of the circle. Yet again I use Tor as prime example of how this system is employed to protect the individual in the middle and the collective protecting the individual at the same time.

Tor Relays

Double and Quaded Thinking

As an example most Islamists like deploy this thinking to confuse Muslims who practice Islam but also confuse non Muslims who would have a hard time grasping there level of thinking which is complex and difficult to decrypt even with a plethora of readily available information in print and online.


The Infinite Wisdom Of Islamists

Islam a religion of overt peace and covert war or overt war and covert peace as someone once told me most of Islam’s religious leaders are at PEACE with the “kuffar” or the non Muslims but are also at WAR with the “kuffar” or the non Muslims. So the typical statement that Islam is a religion of peace is a double ended word for war and peace or peace and war. 

Collectivism and Utopianism

Tribalism is communalism which can also be described as collectivism. Communism is a corrupted version of both tribalism and communalism which attempts to create some level of inclusion and classism to create a natural but artificial utopian social structure.


Comforting Lies & Unpleasant Truths Or Comforting Truths & Unpleasant Lies

The left of the political spectrum I find are good at projecting comforting lies and unpleasant truths while the on the opposite end of the political spectrum on the right they seem to go with comforting truths and unpleasant lies only to confuse there arch nemesis and the flocks of voters that follow them around like lost puppies.

Keep in mind that the above statements can also be applied to politics, economics, religion and philosophy not just systems of social control or hierarchy.


Listening To Natural Radio

VLF Wave Generation

VLF propagates out of the earth from the north pole to the south pole and then from the south pole up to the north pole. Just as every other type of radio frequency naturally or artificially does the exact same thing from ELF to EHF out of both poles.


Which means if you have the right instruments to pick on these naturally and artificially occurring frequencies then you can pick up on anything from noise to human conversations. In past week I have found that software defined radio whether it be a cheap dongle or a expensive great Scott gadgets hack RF 40. The way I did it was I have two programs that work with my USB SDR dongle one called FreeDV and Quisk where I can see what bands are passing through the area and then make contact with whom ever is using that band. Normally most people using these citizen radio bands have SSB’s but it seems with advent of more widely available technologies. SDR’s look to be the replacement for traditional citizen radio but analog will still exist alongside the digital alternative which is things like SDR’s.

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