Contradictory Attacks Are Contradictory


Did yet another video explaining how pentesters, hackers and other assortments of jackasses who use common pentesting programs like aircrack-ng or metasploit expose themselves to greater levels of EMF radiation by using my EMF detector to point out that when they attack some with a DDOS or DOS attack that there also attacking themselves.

Guess this means that pentesters and hackers become professional victims too

Hamas Is The Testnet and The Muslim Brotherhood Is Bitcoin

Remote Management

Worked out quite an interesting theory about the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas by using Bitcoin which could represent the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas is the Testnet which is an alternative bitcoin block chain used for testing and development. This means that Hamas is used as a testing and development model for terrorism worldwide and the Muslim brotherhood is the final product that gets distributed to the entire world like open source code. But that’s what Bitcoin is it’s like the Muslim brotherhood, but anyone can take there open source code and fork it to social engineer more terrorism. Just like when cryptocurrency developers fork Bitcoin to social engineer an alternative cryptocurrency to give consumers more options to make and spend money in the digital and global economy.

What Is Tailgating and Piggybacking

Jungian Psychology