Foreign Spies Might Hiding In Your VPN Warns Department Of Homeland Security

Before we get into the latest scary-virtual private network (VPN) news, let’s do as Naked Security’s Paul Ducklin advises and repeat after him:

A VPN doesn’t magically improve security. All it really does is to make your VPN provider into your new ISP – your “first hop” on the internet. That first hop is the one place where a single provider gets to see all your traffic, whether it’s encrypted or not. You need to trust your VPN provider. A lot.

Many people do trust their VPN provider. A lot. Unfortunately, some of them shouldn’t, going by what a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) higher-up recently said.

In a letter sent to Senators Ron Wyden and Marco Rubio on 22 May 2019, Chris Krebs, director of DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), wrote that foreign adversaries are interested in exploiting VPN services. From the letter:

Open-source reporting indicates nation-state actors have demonstrated intent and capability to leverage VPN services and vulnerable users for malicious purposes.

Krebs was writing in response to a 7 February 2019 letter sent to him by the senators, who are concerned about threats posed by apps created in countries of national security concern to the US.

The senators noted that mobile browsers such as Yandex, Dolphin and Opera use their own servers as an intermediary for user traffic, compressing the pages before delivering them to users in order to save data. Similarly, VPN providers route traffic through their own servers in order to mitigate privacy concerns – nominally, at least, the senators said.

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JuiceSSH With BackBox Linux


Using JuiceSSH abroad isn’t as easy as looks so I am going to opt on using VPN. Because I am convinced that my adversaries use VPN’s while being connected to there hacking rigs or raspberry pi hacking networks all over town.


Cellular Towers Are Troll Towers

If you look at the Jungian mind map and ask yourself is this how we project our consciousness, now if you imagine what that might look like with a cellular radio tower on a much greater level using the same model. Then you get the idea that anyone with a brain could use that tower to troll the whole neighborhood because mind conTROLL.

Jungian Psychology
Jungian Mind Map


Cellular Towers Are Troll Towers
Trolling Is Mind Control

Made a video for reference purposes regarding anyone with the balls to hack a cellular tower, which can be just about anyone really it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a government that’s does it.


Networked Love and Hate

Networked Love and Hate

Eating Signals

If you have a program called Cisco Packet Tracer or GNS3 on your PC then I have relatively plausible idea as to how union telecommunications technicians have possibly built there own 4G/LTE, cable, DSL and possibly a fiber optic channeled mindware network for themselves as I have elaborated before many times. This where I am able to work out a specific thesis based on current network tools and technologies available to the public and people who work in the telecommunications industry.

Networked Love and Hate (1)

Networked Love and Hate (2)

Network Diagram (Screenshot)

How The Left, Unions and Deep State Might Have Copied The Military’s Mindwar Patents To Make There Own Mindware Networks.

not intended for the criminally minded

Which mindwar patents did the left, the unions and the deep state copy from the military to use against the citizenry that they don’t like including targeting government officials and politicians?























How many actual and real members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and USW Telecommunications Local 1944 in Canada have been tinkering with this technology putting it in the homes, business and other tangible structures like places of worship etc.

And Please Folks Do Remember That…….

not intended for the criminally minded

External Influences or Influencing From Foreign Consciousness Remotely Broadcasted On Digital and Analog Radio Frequencies Coming From IoT Devices

External Influences

On A Local Level With IoT Devices

My Neighbors Wireless Devices

Ideas Have People – External (Top Down, Horizontal Control, Red)

People Have Ideas – Internal (Bottom Up, Horizontal Control, Yellow)

Red + Yellow = Orange

The most dangerous people on earth are contradicted people because they fail to recognize the disconnection from there conscious mind to there unconscious mind. Most of these heavily contradicted personalities are deconstructionists who have an embraced sociopathic and a sometimes psychopathic mentality but fail to recognize it. Because it’s a form of blasphemy to them and they want to simply cast it upon others without taking responsibility for it.

The house that I live in with these mindware devices that where illegally put in here by actual gang members with no sustained connections to government or the corporate world. Connected these devices put illegally in other people’s private property connects them to gang connected homes and businesses where they can cast there ideas into there victims. Manifest the ideas in them with drugs given involuntarily to the victims. Where they play out the acts casted on to them by there adversaries aka the gangs so they don’t have to take responsibility for there actions.

Think of a pedophile like a hacker, where they will penetrate and inject packets (there consciousness) into there target’s computer (brain) to extract information from that computer (brain). Seeing as they have a backdoor into the computer (brain) they can remote hack (influence) the computer (brain) and send commands (manifestations) to the hardware and operating system of that computer (brain) to execute remote attacks on other computers (brain attacks) which leads to a large and more destructive result.