Where A Honeypot and Sandbox Meet


The proof of concept for a device that acts as both a WiFi, AP, Firewall, Honeypot and Sandbox router loaded with several virtual machines built in to prevent network attacks on devices connected to the AP. Most attackers in essence are looking for the easiest devices when targeting a WiFi router which statistically is smart devices like phones, tablets, televisions, watches, video game console and home managing devices. The router would be complemented with an RFID access system that can be implanted, worn and clipped on to ensure that the end user and selected users of that AP are only people allowed access the router. But this also means that publicly broadcasted SSIDs wouldn’t be necessary anymore lessening the attack against a person’s router. The attackers portal or the honeypot would show essentially fictional copies of the IoT devices that operate in real time that are connected to the router’s sandbox (end user portal). It would give the attacker the impression that he or she is attacking a real IoT device but is simply just attacking the firewall. Which is A.I. controlled with it’s own firmware base that is constantly scanning for every type of attack scenario, stopping and sending back the information to the ISP about the behavior of each attacker and there tactics.


Virtual Machines For The Honeypot Could Include:









Mimics what the end user uses in the sandbox that the A.I. could setup as virtual machines so that hackers can mess around with but not have the ability to do physical damage to the sand boxed end user.

Mindware vs Mindwar Technology



My hypothesis as to how someone from the general public a normal run of the mill person who isn’t a government or corporate employee. Might build a mindware device for the purposes of messing with human consciousness and channel it on a specific unencrypted digital radio band with smaller peripheral devices that are made with Arduino and Raspberry Pi computer hobby boards that connect remotely to mindware systems via secure shell.

1. NORCO RPC-1204 Black 1U Rackmount Server Case – https://is.gd/nYpbVd
2. ASUS PRIME H310T/CSM LGA 1151 Motherboard – https://is.gd/P14Trs
3. Intel Core i5-8400 Coffee Lake 6-Core 2.8 GHz – https://is.gd/qUK0oX
4. SeaSonic SS-500L1U 500W Power Supply – https://is.gd/4EeDOU
5. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5” HDD 4TB – https://is.gd/tvd5bK
6. CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 16GB (2 x 8GB) – https://is.gd/ZfSbC1
7. Nuand BladeRF x40 – https://is.gd/NMGGNF
8. NooElec RTL-SDR & DVB-T USB Stick – https://is.gd/fFq7so
9. 4G + GPS Shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi – https://is.gd/iFDR2T
10. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus – https://is.gd/SWRmMx
11. Arduino Nano – https://is.gd/beSQS0
12. Portable Touchscreen Monitor – https://is.gd/D2ktl5
13. RFID Reader Which Plugs Into The Mindware Servers – https://is.gd/T3wPSO
14. RFID Implants For Verification To Access Mindware Servers – https://is.gd/eXiBNI
15. Debian Linux – https://www.debian.org/
16. Raspbian For The Raspberry Pi – https://www.raspbian.org/
17. FreeDV To Tune The Mindware Network Radio Frequency- https://freedv.org/
18. CubicSDR To Listen In On Mindware Digital Radio Bands – https://cubicsdr.com/
19. OpenBCI For Biosensing – https://openbci.com/

Where Tempest Meets Mindwar


not intended for the criminally minded

What you would effectively need to have a better level of access to the ITU radio frequency spectrum from ELF to EHF. Because currently technologies really, really, really suck YOU KNOW!!!! plus technologies developed in the 70’s to do complicated things are great but…..lack the means to have any plausible effect on human consciousness in the 21st century given all easy to access technologies which are currently kicking ass.


1. xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216]



2. Software Defined Radio



3. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B



4. Tesla Energy Plate (Small)



5. 4G + GPS Shield For The Raspberry Pi



6. A Sim Card



7. NFC / RFID Module



8. Pi433



9. Voice To Skull Module



Based on what information exists on artificial telepathy mainly from sources on the internet it requires electricity, narcotics and the compression of radio signals with already available wireless technologies like WiFi routers, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, computers (with built in WiFi capabilities), am/fm radios and televisions. Keep in mind a completed device capable of tapping into both artificially and naturally occurring radio signals has to be able to bring together both artificial and natural into a paradox called synthesis.