There’s No Such Thing As A New World Order

No Such Thing

Absolutely not there is however a liberal world order, conservative world order, libertarian world order, communist world order, socialist world order, marxist world order and list goes on even an islamic world order too. But you couldn’t tell them apart because they all have the same basic foundation a world and order beneath there great ideas which creates three levels of progression for those involved in each order. It’s representative by different political parties in a democracy which seen in most western countries and some outside the west.  

do not tread on me

Cellular Towers Are Troll Towers

If you look at the Jungian mind map and ask yourself is this how we project our consciousness, now if you imagine what that might look like with a cellular radio tower on a much greater level using the same model. Then you get the idea that anyone with a brain could use that tower to troll the whole neighborhood because mind conTROLL.

Jungian Psychology
Jungian Mind Map


Cellular Towers Are Troll Towers
Trolling Is Mind Control

Made a video for reference purposes regarding anyone with the balls to hack a cellular tower, which can be just about anyone really it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a government that’s does it.


The Jungian Mindwar Model

Jungian Psychology

Mindwar technology projects the collective unconscious the mind of others at your internal mind perceiving you to believe that your hearing voices in your head but the voices are carried on man made and natural radio waves through these devices. Some of these devices are made for official uses and the rest are unofficial devices made by everyone else it’s designed to mimic schizophrenia and depression in people targeted by them on the condition that there being drugged with powerful psychedelics.

Dear pot heads and druggies do you know how you sound from five kilometers away or more? To me you sound like death, destruction and chaos but in your own mind you think you sound like an angel even if you think there is a decent level of peace within yourselves. But then again how do you think I sound from five kilometers away or more? Same thing to your perception or does it match my perception of you?

How to know what you sound like in your own unconscious mind

  • FreeDV (
  • Built In Wireless Networking Card or WiFi Dongle
  • Windows, Mac Or Linux


(a) A Wireless Device Like A Smartphone Connected To A WiFi Router Placed In Your Hand or Slipped Under Your Leg

(b) USB Reader Pad Slipped Under Your Leg Connected To A Separate Computer That’s Connected To A WiFi Router

The Human Mind and Subnetting

One human mind has seven billion natural internal subnets

If you occupy one room it can naturally and externally channel at least four billion external human subnets that may or may not convert into an internal subnet within the human mind as mentioned above connected to that room. This means that anyone who thinks they come up with there own thoughts or ideas is fooling themselves, they don’t.

Competing Hierarchies

No Such Thing

Competing Hierarchies Will Rely Heavily On Vengeance Attacks

Services such as these are illegal under the current framework of law in Canada this is just for educational purposes only. Showing people that it’s not just government that uses these practices but private individuals who sell psychologically humiliating services to anyone that needs them like political parties or NGO’s for example.

Social Hierarchies and Collective Autonomy Would Be The Illuminati To A Conspiracy Theorist


The funny thing about this conspiracy theory known as the Illuminati is that first and foremost it’s a parasitical meme (like a lobster, because lobsters are parasites) designed to be used in the context of a political, social and religious agenda it’s like wood in a fire pit where the people are the matches that start the fire. What it comes down to is that a parasitical meme (like a lobster, because lobsters are parasites) known as the Illuminati is it’s supposed hype up the masses of people who don’t know anything about social hierarchies and collective autonomy. It’s that lack of knowledge that drives people to do irrational things like terrorism and crime trying to fight a problem that never existed in the first place. It’s illusory at best and what’s worse is drug use tends be fuel of the fire persay. Because drugs create an illusory mind or altered persona where the world around them becomes extremely distorted and hard discern accordingly which would be called the dopamine effect.

Hierarchies are everywhere. It is often argued that they are a social construct, invented to allow certain people (such as white men) to have power over others. But not everyone agrees. While promoting his new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, psychology professor Jordan Peterson, of the University of Toronto, has sparked debate by arguing that hierarchies are in fact natural to some extent.

To prove his point, Peterson uses the example of lobsters, which humans share a common evolutionary ancestor with. Peterson argues that, like humans, lobsters exist in hierarchies and have a nervous system attuned to status which “runs on serotonin” (a brain chemical often associated with feelings of happiness).

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On A Side Note:

Guess This Means That Human Beings Built The Pyramids Of Giza and Not Aliens Like The Crackpots Would Think On The Television Show Aliens On The History Channel.



Networked Love and Hate

Networked Love and Hate

Eating Signals

If you have a program called Cisco Packet Tracer or GNS3 on your PC then I have relatively plausible idea as to how union telecommunications technicians have possibly built there own 4G/LTE, cable, DSL and possibly a fiber optic channeled mindware network for themselves as I have elaborated before many times. This where I am able to work out a specific thesis based on current network tools and technologies available to the public and people who work in the telecommunications industry.

Networked Love and Hate (1)

Networked Love and Hate (2)

Network Diagram (Screenshot)

Every Neighborhood Is A Server Farm With Organic & Synthetic Relationships

Mindware Structure

A Underworld Market For Royal Blood?

It is possible that some drug dealer who gave me there private drug supply put not only adrenochrome in that cocktail of LSD and MDMA over these past four years but maybe somebody’s highly concentrated royal blood into that mix too. I mean it’s not crazy to assume that maybe there is some kind of underworld market for royal blood that gives people a connection to the royal family in some metaphysical and etherical way. Anything is possible in the world today because I know for damn sure that I have no royalty in my family both on my mother’s and father’s side of the family. That somebody has played a very dangerous game against me to either blackmail me, worse depopulate me or members of my own family under some kind of strange circumstance because lot’s things at this point are not adding up here.

not intended for the criminally minded