Psychoactive and Psychedelic Islamism


Groups like the Muslim brotherhood and Hizb Ut Tahrir who have a membership in the 100’s of thousands like to use psychoactive and psychedelic drugs to do remote mind control and remote neural monitoring on there enemies who are of the opposite racial and religious demographics. It’s a tool for social engineering and allows both groups the ability to create terrorist groups and lone wolf extremists by using psychic mysticism secretly alongside there usual religious practices from all of the psychoactives which is marijuana and psychedelics that happens to be legalized with psychedelics still being illegal still in Canada. Which creates the nightmare scenario that Islamists and Islamist Jihadists all being Sufi, Sunni and Shiite of the Median school will become strong and much harder to control by the government which is currently overwhelmed and hamstrung by liberal politics which keeps cops and spies away from known radical Islamists. I suspect more than anything that the liberal government wanted to legalize marijuana to usher in Sharia law and make sweeping social changes to the political demographics of the country by creating a post national state. There where rumors about that liberal constituents from the liberal party where making a push to have psychedelics legalized which would cripple the country’s social structures and plunge Canada into a third world state where Islamists and there leftist allies might seize control of Canada’s greatest institutions turning them in on themselves. Both psychoactive and psychedelic Islamism is a very dangerous thing for the security of those who don’t use any of the two substances on a regular basis who might have mental health conditions like Schizophrenia, Depression and Drug Induced Psychosis where it might aggravate them to commit suicide or worse carry out acts violence against others. Because what psychoactives and psychedelic drugs really do is it opens up the third eye of anyone who uses the substances which then channels there thoughts into signals which is the electrical and telecommunications grid and also the airwaves. Which can be heard by anyone who suffers from Schizophrenia, Depression and Drug Induced Psychosis because there third eye’s are wide open and can’t close up from the dopamine imbalance they suffer from and even the psychiatric medications that these people take aren’t strong enough to counter the bio electric onslaught from the bio electric bodies of those who regularly smoke marijuana and orally consume psychedelic drugs. Which is why I suspect that Sufi, Sunni and Shiite Islamists and Islamist Jihadist consider psychoactive and psychedelic drugs to be the best weapon in the world to oppress there religious, political and social adversaries who are Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics and New Agers who’s racial demographics are primarily white European and there political stances are left wing and right wing. Which is why I’m hoping that the next prime minister of Canada who will be Erin O’Toole a conservative will recriminalize marijuana making it illegal to posses or consume saving Canada from a political, social and religious disaster.