Hamas Is The Testnet and The Muslim Brotherhood Is Bitcoin

Remote Management

Worked out quite an interesting theory about the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas by using Bitcoin which could represent the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas is the Testnet which is an alternative bitcoin block chain used for testing and development. This means that Hamas is used as a testing and development model for terrorism worldwide and the Muslim brotherhood is the final product that gets distributed to the entire world like open source code. But that’s what Bitcoin is it’s like the Muslim brotherhood, but anyone can take there open source code and fork it to social engineer more terrorism. Just like when cryptocurrency developers fork Bitcoin to social engineer an alternative cryptocurrency to give consumers more options to make and spend money in the digital and global economy.

And It’s Gone………


It appears that the unions with there friends on the left and center left have constructed there own internet based psychological warfare network made with computer hobby boards. This isn’t connected to the government of Canada or any other western government from looks of it. Because the router is outdated for starters and the firmware isn’t up to date based on the scan I did and analyzing this network in my own house with some very basic open source software like arp-scan and airmon-ng. A week later Cisco SPVTG disappears from the arp scan I even checked with a netstat and IP route scan it didn’t show up. The router devices I use are dlink which has a default routing address of and the Cisco device has default routing address of