Psychic Anonymous Hackivists

Based on my personal research of psychics who are the type to read the vibrations of people’s bio electric bodies because there pineal glands or third eye’s are wide open from all the drugs and sex they have are able to read signals from the electrical and telecommunications grid plus the airwaves outside that carry signals intelligence from radio towers, microwave towers and even cellphone towers which contains bio electric body signatures that carry consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness of different racial demographics. But with hacktivists groups like anonymous which is a cyber terrorist group of different racial, political, social and religious demographics it stands to reason that a group like that is more inclined to listen on the activities of the police state and activities of intelligence community to either aggravate the system or to change a particular political or social outcome for there benefit or for the benefit of say a political party that is on the left or far left because that’s the politics of a group like anonymous. They are liberals, socialists, communists, marxists and even Islamists who represent the politics of the Muslim Brotherhood or Hizb Ut Tahrir. Who like to secretly and psychically control terrorist groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda or Hamas using stolen signals intelligence assets that are routinely used by the police, intelligence community and even military. They are smart enough based on my personal observation to read what I assume are the minds of the police, intelligence and military who I think are psychics to some degree but I’m not entirely certain. The weapon of choice is distributed denial of service attacks against computer hardware, networking devices and even websites but those carry the consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness of that hacktivist or hacktivists into the victims computer or whatever IoT device they maybe using at any given time.