How Criminal Hackers Can Find Identifying Information On You With Your Phone Number

Sure the government can do a lot of this stuff to but my main focus is the people who aren’t the government or the corporations that do this stuff quite regularly without any sort of oversight. If you give your phone number to the wrong person say with a resume or business card they can simple pull up any identifying information about you and what things connect you to your phone number. The worst part is that a lot of criminal hackers will use open source intelligence to gather information about you until there are satisfied and then they will strike you at moments notice.

Lots of gangstalkers and gaslighters will use open source intelligence techniques on there targets before they jump on them.

Every Neighborhood Is A Server Farm With Organic & Synthetic Relationships

Mindware Structure

A Underworld Market For Royal Blood?

It is possible that some drug dealer who gave me there private drug supply put not only adrenochrome in that cocktail of LSD and MDMA over these past four years but maybe somebody’s highly concentrated royal blood into that mix too. I mean it’s not crazy to assume that maybe there is some kind of underworld market for royal blood that gives people a connection to the royal family in some metaphysical and etherical way. Anything is possible in the world today because I know for damn sure that I have no royalty in my family both on my mother’s and father’s side of the family. That somebody has played a very dangerous game against me to either blackmail me, worse depopulate me or members of my own family under some kind of strange circumstance because lot’s things at this point are not adding up here.

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Reverse Engineering Mindwar For A Particular Political, Social and Religious Agenda Mainly Coordinated By The Left and Unions In Canada and The USA







As an example below the thing that would be needed obviously to be able place these illegally built mindwar devices in the homes of unsuspecting victims of gangstalking. Which is apart of a localized gang and there ability recon a neighborhood that they control. Would be to acquire structural engineering drawings from city or municipal engineering offices where every house in a urban area is on file by city engineers. Which is confidential and not everyone can access these drawings so as long as there actual authority figures with tangible authority say like a police or intelligence officer for example. If anyone else say like a gang member or an associate of that gang member who where to impersonate an actual authority figure falsely then that could be the culprit right there. But the unfortunate thing is nobody questions these sorts of things and will simply resort to blaming actually tangible authority’s figures like those in the intelligence and policing community’s.

structural engineering

Better yet how many of these PID’s do these gang members have of houses like mine which shows a two dimensional layout of the electrical wiring and utilities passing through my house. Better yet where do these douchebags gain access to these things? Because the mindwar network in my house appears to be a neighborhood thing only and not something that operates out a government institution like a fusion center as most conspiracy theorists would like to think. Unions? Ham Radio Operators? Neighborhood Constituents Of The Liberal and NDP Party? Gangs With Connections To The Liberal and NDP Party, Unions, Universities and The NGO’s?

Here’s what an electrical ISO looks like as an example. Because the next thing I show you is an ISO drawing of Mindwar device that can be built by simply interpreting a two dimensional ISO drawing made by the patentee.


mindwar patent (figure 4)

It never occurred it to me that illegal, independent and resilient gang made or what should be better described as union made NGO supported Mindwar technology that I identify as Mindware. Probably uses radio modems that are harder to acquire off the white market, but can be easily purchased off the gray and black markets. Means that there is a possibility that these Mindware networks made by the groups above to torment common citizens and the government from that tormenting of the human mind with these electronic weapons. Could use things like radio modems, like common wireless IoT devices like wireless routers and cellular devices like 4G/LTE routers or GPRS mods. That connect to these Arduino uno and nano boards which serves three purposes in one WiFi hacking, voice to skull and directed energy applications on the human body.


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Directed Energy Attack Map

directed energy attack map

The hypothetical directed energy attack map which could be deployed by local gangs with there own cyber capabilities on a localized level. You could probably say that these homemade purchased off the internet of things devices are being used to deliver wireless radiation payloads onto people who I would think have nothing to do with the gangs per say. But these gang members just use these things for personal entertainment purposes and silently murder individuals in homes, businesses and quite possibly other places like churches for example. The method of a localized directed energy attack carried out by local gangs is constantly dosing a wireless AP whether it’s placed in a concealed place among other wireless devices as mention before with the Arduino and raspberry pi boards that have a built in wireless or Bluetooth radio chip for networking with wireless AP’s. Means that if someone where to use a bash shell script to keep that AP pumping streams of wireless radiation or wireless energy from the constant deauthorization requests to whatever devices it’s sending it to specifically or to the AP by itself. Means that a homeowner being targeted by a gang with local cyber capabilities of there own will never really know if it’s the government that’s behind it or a local gang of cyber hoodlums. However when it comes to directed energy attacks most people on the internet still believe to this day that governments and there corporate contractors are behind this business. However given that most common wireless devices have wireless and Bluetooth radio built into hobby boards like Arduino and raspberry pi means that an entire house hold could be hackadayed by a local gang with there own localized cyber capabilities. Placing these small or nano sized devices in the walls, ceilings and even the floors of there victims homes.

Connecting them to the electrical grid of there victims homes (which is illegal because it is considered to be theft of electricity) and then using there own metadata siphoning wireless router. Connected to a spliced illegal wired fork of there victims internet connection that they use to carry out packet injection attacks or what is described as ddos attack with each and every hobby board in that house hold means that a local gang with there own localized cyber capabilities can launch an electronic cyber attack on IoT devices in a victims house and also a physical directed energy attack too at the exact same time. Local WiFi war drivers aka local gang members (not the cops or intelligentsia) could be using these illegal WiFi siphoning routers that there friends or they themselves setup to access them through a wireless connection. Say like a laptop running Kali Linux with a wireless adapter running with programs like Aircrack-Ng, Aireplay-Ng or Airmon-Ng to access those illegal WiFi siphoning routers grabbing metadata downloading it onto a cold storage device like a portable external hard drive, flash drive, SD or micro SD card for later and illegal analysis.

These illegally setup wireless routing devices could be placed in your attic, in a wall cut open with a drywall knife or in the back of a closet that you seldom access without you knowing it’s there.

It never occurred to me but the possibilities are endless when it comes my adversaries (not the cops or intelligentsia) putting devices in my house that could potentially allow them to hack into my wireless devices (not that I use wireless devices that much any more switched back to wired) using a common off the self wireless router, some stolen coaxial cable and electrical wiring. So they could splice an illegal connection to the internet so that they can access to device remotely but still siphon off large amounts of metadata using that routing device. I found an article from null byte dating back to 2013 when other readers could have been inspired to create wireless metadata siphoning points in there adversaries homes. By just simply breaking into the houses masquerading themselves fictitiously and illegally as government agents or corporate employees to get there victims login credentials for whatever online services they use, to stealing money from there bank accounts while they are using there smartphone or other wireless devices. Aside from that they could use that device to not only siphon metadata maliciously but use a means to setup there own wireless IP pinhole cameras purchased off the internet. To monitor there adversaries in there own homes, seeing what time they leave the house and what time they return, to the relationship they have other people determining there names and whereabouts etc.

The left and there criminal allies in common neighborhoods have a means to control the populace just as the government does with similar technologies that the government has used since at least the seventies to maintain the minds of the people using something called Mindwar. However the small minded people on the internet who are quite frankly activists and conspiracy theorists still hold the government responsible for Mindwar abuses. But with me that’s not how I think it works and that criminals are opportunists whenever something presents itself as means to expropriate an agenda for there own benefit. Call it at least the way the left might put it so that it doesn’t sound too controversial “a power to the people network” where physical directed energy gets pumped into everyone living in neighborhoods with large and significant number of leftist might attempt to do something like this on a covert level at least on there own. However it’s functions may actually be used to disrupt law enforcement and intelligence officers scouting the area either investigating or carrying out an operation against a group of adversaries like a gang or terror cell.


Articles For My Research Originates From Null Byte

****Please Don’t Use This Information Maliciously Against Another Individual and Please Be Mindful Of Federal, State, Provincial, Municipal, County and Local Laws Because You Could Be Held Criminally Liable If You Get Caught Doing This To Which I Take No Responsibility For Because You Chose To Act Maliciously Against Another Individual****

not intended for the criminally minded