How Criminal Hackers Can Find Identifying Information On You With Your Phone Number

Sure the government can do a lot of this stuff to but my main focus is the people who aren’t the government or the corporations that do this stuff quite regularly without any sort of oversight. If you give your phone number to the wrong person say with a resume or business card they can simple pull up any identifying information about you and what things connect you to your phone number. The worst part is that a lot of criminal hackers will use open source intelligence to gather information about you until there are satisfied and then they will strike you at moments notice.

Lots of gangstalkers and gaslighters will use open source intelligence techniques on there targets before they jump on them.

How Criminal Hackers Can Access Your Phone When On A Public WiFi Hotspot

Avoid using free public WiFi spots because nine times out of ten there’s criminal hackers lurking and looking for ways to exploit the apps on your phone if it’s an Android device and can’t say for sure if this works on IPhone’s.

When You Get Intentionally Drugged Don’t Panic, It’s Not Your Fault


When it comes to being intentionally drugged by gangsters or drug dealers the first thing you think is you have completely lost your mind or you need psychological help. Especially when you know yourself so well that you don’t do drugs and that your straight and narrow, you go to work five days a week and you’re an everyday person. It happens to everyone as far as I am concerned some gangster punk or street level drug dealer might be in competition with another gang or drug dealer. So they have to take territory which is an entire neighborhood or part of the neighborhood, your house maybe in the center of the debacle. But just remember your house and you in it was there before the competition began between two sparring criminal factions or two individual criminals so don’t start blaming yourself for the whole thing and feeling guilty about it.

The one thing that any gang member or drug dealer will do is they will start to drug households that are lacking without a home security system. Households that get targeted are usually positioned in neighborhoods that would be low income and lower middle class where financial resources are limited. The easiest target in a house when it comes to being intentionally drugged is in the bathroom because you brain wash yourself when you get up in the morning to shower. Which means illicit street drugs will get dumped into your shampoo and body wash bottles by gang members and drug dealers because most illicit street drugs can absorb into the skin quite instantaneously.

The one piece of advice I can give to you is purchasing litmus paper anywhere off the internet to test to see whether or not your showering products are laced with drugs.

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Social Engineering Tools

*****Do Not Use Kali Linux or The Social Engineering Toolkit Maliciously Against Someone or Something To Invoke A Victimhood Or Oppression Agenda*****

Guess A Cyber Attack Isn’t Complete Without The Social Engineering Toolkit To Make It Look Like The Government Was Behind The Attack Against A Private Individual and His Private Property. Funny How These Criminals Work They Impersonate The Cops and Or Intelligence Community To Race Bait There Target’s. Then Protest Police Or The Intelligence Community’s Brutality When There Target Is Victimized By The Police Or Intelligence Community. Because They Race Baited There Target But Falsely Personified Or Impersonated Themselves As The Police Or The Intelligence Community To Get The Result They Wanted.

 *****Do Not Use Kali Linux or The Social Engineering Toolkit Maliciously Against Someone or Something To Invoke A Victimhood Or Oppression Agenda*****


Ripe For Abuse

not intended for the criminally minded

See the common misconception is that the only people who use these things is the government and corporations only. Because it would be absurd if private citizens needed to use this service for whatever it maybe and they do use it. There is no conspiracy here folks unless that private citizen is the bad guy like a terrorist for example who needs to take high resolution satellite images to get the lay of the land before he attacks. Then there’s a conspiracy but he wouldn’t need the government to consult him on how to carry out those attacks otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do it in the first place. Yes government’s have there own fleet of imagery satellites but there for them and them only. However I do suspect that career criminal hackers can gain access to them through a trusted position at say a telecommunications corporation that has a contract with the government to maintain there communications infrastructure or with an aerospace company. That kind of stuff in my personal estimation exists where guys with criminal records as thick as Chinese phone books can play the system so well that they can act roles with ease and nobody hardly notices or questions it.