Gangstalkers Will Target Your Fresh Air Intake Vent With Inert Gases

fresh air intake

This happened to me four years ago when I was renting a room at my cousin’s place. One night I heard people in his backyard as we all began to fall asleep for the night. Fortunely I was still partially awake when it happened. I could hear a noise I was familiar with, a large cylinder tank hitting the concrete pad just outside my window, exactly where the fresh air intake vent is on the outside of the house. The reason why I was so familiar with such noise like that is because I used to work in steel fabrication in shops and out on construction sites. Then as I began to fall asleep I heard this hissing noise and felt a strange feeling in my body slightly afterwards. There wasn’t much I could do about what was happening, so I just let it happened to see what kind of outcome would arise.

Turns out the gas that was used against me and my family was argon a common gas used in steel fabrication and welding. Which means some of my adversaries are clearly construction workers and tradesman, but they weren’t cops, spies or informants.

The Dangers Of Argon

The health hazards associated with overexposure to argon are minimal. But it is a simple asphyxiant, so in ceratin cases a release of a large volume of argon can pose a hazard of asphyxiation. Argon is neither flammable nor reactive. If a tank of argon is heated or punctured, the tank may rupture and cause physical injury. Argon is an element that exists as a gas in its natural form. Argon is a colorless, odorless gas.


Inhalation of a small amount of argon is not expected to cause adverse health effects. But, should there be an oxygen-deficient environment caused by release of a large quantity of argon, especially in a confined space, a person may experience symptoms such as headache, ringing in the ears, dizziness, drowsiness, unconsciousness, nausea, vomiting and depression of all the senses. Being confined to an oxygen-deficient environment for a prolonged period of time can even prove fatal.


The air we breathe normally contains about 21 percent oxygen. At 12 to 16 percent oxygen, a person’s breathing and pulse rate increases and muscular coordination is slightly disturbed. People experience emotional upset, abnormal fatigue and disturbed respiration at 10 to 14 percent oxygen; and nausea, vomiting, collapse and loss of consciousness at 6 to 10 percent oxygen. Below 6 percent oxygen, people can develop convulsive movements and respiratory collapse; they can die.


It’s Not Just The Cops Watching

not intended for the criminally minded

Firstly I live in a world where paranoia is healthy and not the latter. Sure the cops are everywhere but not all the time and for those who are convinced of a conspiracy sure there are conspiracies but for crying out loud not every cop is out to get you. There are hackers out there can play the role of police officer but don’t have the authority of one.

Please do not attempt to hack IP cameras or CCTV it is illegal these videos I have clearly presented on my blog are just examples of gusty people. Trying to show you another world that doesn’t live on your conspiracy forums, blogs, twitter feeds or facebook.

not intended for the criminally minded


How Hackers On The Outside Of Government and The Corporate World Play A Role In Covert Harassment Campaigns

No Such Thing

The research that I am doing on gaslighting and gangstalking which has nothing to do with the cops or intelligentsia even if it might look that way. But a system administration course has given a glimpse of how these people might work in there mysterious ways. Even though it’s not that mysterious, it’s actually just social engineering that’s what gangstalking and gaslighting really is. Most people cannot make the connection even if the evidence is present to the contrary but you can’t force people to take your side for everything, especially if they haven’t been effected by harassment campaign.

Social Engineering (Human Sciences)

Social Engineering (Social Sciences)

Political Engineering (Political Sciences)

Gangs, terror groups and radicals will try to social exploit anyone or any situation they can to gain on there opponents which can be anything really. Gaslighting and gangstalking is an action which relates to political and social engineering because if such a thing didn’t exist then there wouldn’t be any gangs, terrorists or radicals.

Cyber physical attacks are real and trust me on this hackers outside the control of government and corporations are usually responsible for these attacks on people or structures that contain people with in them. Most of the left still wants to blame a western government or two because they don’t have the brain capacity to work out other possibilities besides the conspiracy theories that fly out of the mouths of minorities. Who are mainly Islamist who swear there is conspiracy against them on everything even though they perpetuate most of the conspiracies themselves.

Competing Hierarchies (Social Sciences)

Social Hierarchies & Collective Autonomy Would Be The Illuminati To A Conspiracy Theorist (Social Sciences)

Networked Love and Hate (Social Engineering)

Every Neighborhood Is A Server Farm With Organic & Synthetic Relationships (Social Sciences)

Reverse Engineering Mindwar (Social Engineering)

How The Left, Unions and Deep State Copied Mindwar Patents (Political Sciences)

Another thing I tested out was my open third eye and the relationship between wireless radio frequencies and using wireless technologies and finally realized something out of it all. Between the GHz’s of both phones that I use self text myself and the wireless. Which hovers around 2.4 GHz that means my phones are resonating at about 1.8 GHz so it’s a pretty consistent electronic vibration which is super and then when I touch the smartphone with my physical body that vibration becomes natural.

For every single message I send it’s supernatural from one device to the next.

Then in another instance……

Between the GHz’s of both phones that I use self text myself and the wireless. Which hovers around 2.4 GHz that means my phones are resonating at about 1.8 GHz so it’s a pretty consistent electronic vibration which is extra and then when I touch the smartphone with my physical body that vibration becomes terrestrial.

For Every Single Message I Send It’s Extra|Terrestrial From One Device To The Next.



Who Uses A DOCSIS 2.0 Router In 2019

Mindware Structure

Tools to use would be arp scan and airmon-ng to locate rogue AP’s that are connected to digitized mindwar technology that rely on signals generated from the internet to channel human consciousness onto the victim of whoever maybe below it’s signaling radius.