Avoiding Social Media Censorship

If you want to avoid big tech’s continued crusades on free speech and free expression my suggestion would be to find alternatives to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that don’t censor content which I will list below for your convenience.



Minds is an open source social networking service, headquartered in New York City. Elements of the global hacktivist collective Anonymous showed initial support for Minds, based on its foundation of transparency and privacy.


Gab was launched on August 15, 2016 in private beta, billing itself as a “free speech” alternative to the social networking site Twitter. Co-founder and CEO Andrew Torba cited “the entirely left-leaning Big Social monopoly” as part of the inspiration for Gab, which he created “after reading reports that Facebook employees suppress conservative articles”.


BitChute is a video hosting service that uses peer-to-peer WebTorrent technology in order to diffuse, redistribute, and ease bandwidth and issues of centralized streaming and to make it much more difficult for governments and corporations to censor, disrupt, and/or block access to videos after they are uploaded and sharing.