The Gangstalking Of White Heterosexual Males and Females

Remote Management

Gangstalking in minds and imaginations of conspiracy theorists is a government conspiracy that is vast and unimaginable. However with me I don’t see it as a government conspiracy like I used to because it took years of research to finally realize that gangstalking is used by criminals, terrorists and radicals. My experiences with gangstalking proves at least one thing right that most immigrants are out to get westernized heterosexual white males and females and that tactic involves intimidation and deeper level of submission to get the person to side with the will of immigrant gangs and terrorist groups who want to change the consensus and status quo. Most of my adversaries are psychic and mystic but it’s not a natural construct it’s more of an artificial construct. Because there is fact Sunni and Shiite mystics and psychics however they didn’t acquire there abilities through natural birthright but through doing drugs and giving drugs away to there brothers and sisters equally. This creates a psychic/mystic field that is littered with radical anti westernized consciousness that is quite literally globalized. Most Islamists would say that doing drugs is illegal in Islam but I have a feeling that Islamists just say that to convince the majority that there holy and pure. It’s politics more or less and most Islamists have a political agenda to carry out as they would say and that it’s the will of allah but it’s just there will and nobody else’s. The telepathic harassment is used to force people to submit to Islam which a serious violation of freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of thought, Most of these psychic/mystic Islamists who are Sunni or Shiite are doing what I like to describe as stealth jihad. The kind of jihad that is invisible to the naked eye and uses things like telecommunications and power lines to channel the consciousness into a person’s home or there wireless devices. You could say it’s form of mind control but those who view mind control as a social construct tend to blame western governments for carrying out those abuses and not hordes of what conspiracy theorists describe as “innocent Muslims” because there the good guys, right.

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