Hacker Problems

Network Statistics

My house and the neighbors house share the same property it’s a duplex so both homes are conjoined. The neighbors in particular aren’t very up and up on technology unlike me so for them to set up a complex hidden wireless network isn’t their speciality. I wouldn’t set this stuff up because I have strong ethics and my knowledge of setting up wireless networks only extents to CCNA. This means that an outside party put this wireless networking device somewhere in between both residences and connected them to a set of wireless hidden IP cameras or some internet of things devices like a computer board which could be a Raspberry Pi or Ardiuno. The (Hidden Network) router works on a 2.4 GHz frequency which means the router is an older model device something I discovered earlier this year by using an arp-scan to find it.

I only posted this to my blog in case someone else suspects they might have the same problem in there residence that I do and is only for reference purposes.


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