POE Useful In Psychological Warfare


Whatever my adversaries are doing with there own psychological warfare suite I can do way better because they thought it was a good idea to splice cat 5 cable into a splice box and connect it to the wiring in my house. However my plan doesn’t involve using such an old dated technique instead I would use what I already have and add to it. Using at least eight raspberry pi three boards running Oracle Linux for ARM then operating a separate computer running Oracle Linux for servers connected to the Raspberry Pi’s. As for this splicing and wiring things to my electrical system business that wouldn’t be the case seeing as Power Over Ethernet would take over on that front, the electricity is already available via the Ethernet switch and the router.

This would be part of a broader plan of building a smart house with this system in place for mainly behavioral control not modding which is based on well researched science.

1. Raspberry Pi 3 (x8)

2. Cisco DPC 3010 (DOCSIS 3.0)

3. Cisco SG350 10 Port Gigabit Managed Switch

4. Pi PoE Switch HAT (x8)

5. Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 30 FT (x8)

6. Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 1.5 FT (x8)

7. Zareason Desktop Computer

Then it would be a matter of initially targeting the Oracle server unit connected to the Raspberry Pi’s to be hit with a series of DDOS attacks from a specific location using a pentest program to essentially transfer consciousness, resonation and vibration from people who are relatively neutral in personality but no friends or foes.

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