Social Hierarchies and Collective Autonomy Would Be The Illuminati To A Conspiracy Theorist


The funny thing about this conspiracy theory known as the Illuminati is that first and foremost it’s a parasitical meme (like a lobster, because lobsters are parasites) designed to be used in the context of a political, social and religious agenda it’s like wood in a fire pit where the people are the matches that start the fire. What it comes down to is that a parasitical meme (like a lobster, because lobsters are parasites) known as the Illuminati is it’s supposed hype up the masses of people who don’t know anything about social hierarchies and collective autonomy. It’s that lack of knowledge that drives people to do irrational things like terrorism and crime trying to fight a problem that never existed in the first place. It’s illusory at best and what’s worse is drug use tends be fuel of the fire persay. Because drugs create an illusory mind or altered persona where the world around them becomes extremely distorted and hard discern accordingly which would be called the dopamine effect.

Hierarchies are everywhere. It is often argued that they are a social construct, invented to allow certain people (such as white men) to have power over others. But not everyone agrees. While promoting his new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, psychology professor Jordan Peterson, of the University of Toronto, has sparked debate by arguing that hierarchies are in fact natural to some extent.

To prove his point, Peterson uses the example of lobsters, which humans share a common evolutionary ancestor with. Peterson argues that, like humans, lobsters exist in hierarchies and have a nervous system attuned to status which “runs on serotonin” (a brain chemical often associated with feelings of happiness).

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On A Side Note:

Guess This Means That Human Beings Built The Pyramids Of Giza and Not Aliens Like The Crackpots Would Think On The Television Show Aliens On The History Channel.



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