Where A Honeypot and Sandbox Meet


The proof of concept for a device that acts as both a WiFi, AP, Firewall, Honeypot and Sandbox router loaded with several virtual machines built in to prevent network attacks on devices connected to the AP. Most attackers in essence are looking for the easiest devices when targeting a WiFi router which statistically is smart devices like phones, tablets, televisions, watches, video game console and home managing devices. The router would be complemented with an RFID access system that can be implanted, worn and clipped on to ensure that the end user and selected users of that AP are only people allowed access the router. But this also means that publicly broadcasted SSIDs wouldn’t be necessary anymore lessening the attack against a person’s router. The attackers portal or the honeypot would show essentially fictional copies of the IoT devices that operate in real time that are connected to the router’s sandbox (end user portal). It would give the attacker the impression that he or she is attacking a real IoT device but is simply just attacking the firewall. Which is A.I. controlled with it’s own firmware base that is constantly scanning for every type of attack scenario, stopping and sending back the information to the ISP about the behavior of each attacker and there tactics.


Virtual Machines For The Honeypot Could Include:









Mimics what the end user uses in the sandbox that the A.I. could setup as virtual machines so that hackers can mess around with but not have the ability to do physical damage to the sand boxed end user.

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