Stray Radio Signals Are A Lot Like Stray Dogs They Bite

not intended for the criminally minded

For the amount of research that I do on technology this level of it had to be the strangest discovery I had ever made beyond on the level of creepiness I would say whoever is doing this shit has to be exposed. Because in the video descriptions I left a little tidbit of information, an independent conclusion of my own based on first hand experience more or less. But it seems there are two different types of mind control programs that exist one operated by the government which nobody can comprehend not even me and then there is one that operates outside of government by foreigners, threat actors, non governmental organizations and the unions.

Most of these old devices that where once used for MK Ultra and Delta still exist in the homes of ordinary people, businesses, places of worship and other known buildings. Means that if a person gets enough intoxicants like LSD or psychoactives like Marijuana. Then I assume that the human mind locks onto these specific radio frequencies which is modulated at 60hz ELF either at HF, UHF or VHF. However these wires and RF devices where abandoned 35 years ago as newer mindwar technologies became available and the old technology was rendered obsolete. Any former and current government employees who are aware of this old obsolete technology knew they could capitalize on it and carry out a silent coup on there former and current employers.

Recorded Radio Chatter

It’s Here Man

It’s Everywhere Man



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