It’s Not A Government Thing

Social Encryption

Most radicals like to use the government like a human shield to avoid scrutiny from the illegal shit they commit against the general public. Because that won’t help there agenda if they where to cover there asses by using another hypothetical group to hide behind like a corporation which seems plausible and is totally possible. Besides most self described targeted individuals are made to believe by radicals online that government is behind most of these operations. Means that targeted individuals end up going along with the lie and do the work that the radicals want them to do which is to victim blame or attack the government for something there not doing to a reasonable percentage of the population that think they are. Which works to the benefit of the radicals victimizing these self described targeted individuals. Paving the way for more illegal shit carried out by radicals looking to further exploit anyone they can find for there temporary uses and long term agenda to whatever proportion they have in mind.

But the name of the game in my estimation is political destabilization and balkanization something that is grappling the western world and changing the social landscape quite dramatically which radicalizes society.

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