Ripe For Abuse

not intended for the criminally minded

See the common misconception is that the only people who use these things is the government and corporations only. Because it would be absurd if private citizens needed to use this service for whatever it maybe and they do use it. There is no conspiracy here folks unless that private citizen is the bad guy like a terrorist for example who needs to take high resolution satellite images to get the lay of the land before he attacks. Then there’s a conspiracy but he wouldn’t need the government to consult him on how to carry out those attacks otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do it in the first place. Yes government’s have there own fleet of imagery satellites but there for them and them only. However I do suspect that career criminal hackers can gain access to them through a trusted position at say a telecommunications corporation that has a contract with the government to maintain there communications infrastructure or with an aerospace company. That kind of stuff in my personal estimation exists where guys with criminal records as thick as Chinese phone books can play the system so well that they can act roles with ease and nobody hardly notices or questions it.


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