From The Sewer (Comes The Rats)

VLF Wave Generation

If you ever get a chance to purchase your own SDR just to casually observe random radio signals that are obviously unencrypted both digital and analog you get a pretty interesting surprise by doing so and just for the record folks please use SDR’s responsibly and diligently don’t get yourself arrested. By the way based on my personal analysis none of these radio signals appear to be coming from the authorities themselves and it seems like you dealing with the basement dwelling crowd who live in there parents basements all day long trying fire up a revolution but fail miserably at doing so.

Sorry the audio sounds scratchy and inaudible but you make out some kind vocal audio in the first video clip at least the first few seconds sounds really creepy. I should remind you that these signals are local seeing as my SDR antenna can only pick up a radius of at least twenty five kilometers easy.

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