Where Tempest Meets Mindwar


not intended for the criminally minded

What you would effectively need to have a better level of access to the ITU radio frequency spectrum from ELF to EHF. Because currently technologies really, really, really suck YOU KNOW!!!! plus technologies developed in the 70’s to do complicated things are great but…..lack the means to have any plausible effect on human consciousness in the 21st century given all easy to access technologies which are currently kicking ass.


1. xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216]



2. Software Defined Radio



3. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B



4. Tesla Energy Plate (Small)



5. 4G + GPS Shield For The Raspberry Pi



6. A Sim Card



7. NFC / RFID Module



8. Pi433



9. Voice To Skull Module



Based on what information exists on artificial telepathy mainly from sources on the internet it requires electricity, narcotics and the compression of radio signals with already available wireless technologies like WiFi routers, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, computers (with built in WiFi capabilities), am/fm radios and televisions. Keep in mind a completed device capable of tapping into both artificially and naturally occurring radio signals has to be able to bring together both artificial and natural into a paradox called synthesis.

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