Double Middle Man Operations


The deep state as it’s called by some on the internet likes to loosely affiliate with certain members of the general public or to garner a better outcome for a group of people looking to keep war profits pouring into the coffers of bankers and the war machine turning all over the world. So if it’s anyone’s guess the only way to accomplish that is train and father people to be agents of those private interests. As I have managed to figure this out using research compiled from the last ten years and a whole lot of personal experience from encountering the bad guys on the streets. Is that there are in fact dedicated middle man operations carried out by the government. However criminal, militant and radical elements have created a loose affiliation with those dedicated middle man operators conducted by government forces. To which they use there affliations to effectively encrypt there bad intent from the government and public itself to get a better outcome for private interests in the corporate world who profit from war and endless war time situations like the conflicts in the Muslim world or elsewhere.

This how I see these double middleman operations being conducted after doing my own independent research and analysis for the last ten years.

Electronicstalkers = Hackers 

Mindstalkers = Artificial Mystics 

Gangstalkers = Gang Members 

Terrorstalkers = Terrorists 

Causestalkers = Political Pundits

Theory Number One

The theory I have is that there is a group of people who play both sides of the middle men or the government as I call it and the global elite against each other then divide and conquer both sides. They operate very similar to the group that I speculate plays ordinary people and the middle men or the government as I call it against each other then divide and conquer both sides. Yet again I suspect non governmental organizations not only divide and conquer ordinary people and the middle men or the government. But also the middle men or the government and the global elite which makes sense if your classist, race baiter, psychopath, sociopath, narcissistic and a nihilist all in one.

How Society Works (1)

Theory Number Two

The other theory is between ordinary people and middle men who represent the government is in between both divides there is group that plays both sides in order to divide and conquer. They are electronicstalkers, mindstalkers, gangstalkers, terrorstalkers and causestalkers to which they play both ordinary people and the middle men or government against each other. I figure that these are non governmental organizations who seem to answer only to the political parties on the left directly taking cues from them and them only.

How Society Works (2)

And The End Result Is This

the ourborous


Which Helps Organizations Like This


Make Money For People Like This


Then The Loot Gets Distributed To These Guys


Then The Cycle Repeats

the ourborous


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