Double Crossing Operations


In Order To Create A Permanent Warfare State Both Domestically and Internationally. The Intelligence Community Will Use A Number Of Different Class Warfare Tactics Figurative Speaking To Generate A Desired Result.


Gender Warfare – Organized Crime


Religious Warfare – Terrorist Cells


Racial Warfare – Drug Related Activities


So If You Pull It Back In More Ways Than One It Looks Like Initiatives Already Being Undertaken By Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community Which Has Been In Place For Close To A Decade Or More.


The War On Crime – Gender Warfare


The War On Terrorism – Religious Warfare


The War On Drugs – Racial Warfare


As I Have Looked At Most Recently With Regards To Psychological Operations Done Both By The Military and Civilian Intelligence/Enforcement Agencies Is The Combination Of These Operations Targeted At A Specific Demographic Of The Population. Mainly Those Who Are Aboriginal, Metis, Disabled, Transgendered and Ethnic or Religious Minorities. Who Are Automatically Selected Based On Lifestyle Choices, Behavior and Physical Characteristics To Be Worked Against Themselves and Their Communities In A Way That Brings Pain and Suffering Onto The Rest Of The Community. Someone Once Told Me That Spies and Police Officers Usually Target A Person’s Subjective and Objective Mindset or Their Emotions and Logic All At The Same Time To Garner A Psychological Response. This Could Be Identified As Triggering or Instigating Someone To Produce An Aggressive or Passive Response Depending Who Is The Target. Which Can Be Factored Into Their Age, Racial, Religious, Gender and Social Status. This Can Be Also Be Defined As Class Warfare Which Eclipses Into Psychological Warfare Operations.

Psychological Operations Works In Three’s Based On The Works Of Sigmund FreudCarl Jung and BF Skinner It Is Designed To Incite Fear Into A Target. Then Condition That Target Into A Scenario That He Or She Cannot Escape. Using Conventional Methods Like The Legal System To Prove The Existence Of A Crime Being Committed Against The Person. Who Has Been Wrongfully Targeted By Someone Within The Eyes Of Law Trying Lay Blame Where No Blame Exists.

Double Crossing Operations Involve Both The Military and Civilian Enforcement Agencies.

The Military

Which Branches Down To A Community Operation Manned By Serving Members Of The Military and Veterans With Selected Volunteers Called Civilian Defense.

Civilian Intelligence and Law Enforcement

This Branches Down To A Community Operation Manned By Former or Current Spies and Police Officers With Selected Volunteers For These Operations Called The Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams.

This Is Apart Of HUMINT Operations The Type Of Operations That Have Put Me In A Situation Where I Could Have Become An Unwitting Participant In A False Flag Operation or Covert Action Operation.

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