How To Make A Schizophrenic For Entertainment and Heatbagging Purposes


not intended for the criminally minded

Every spring in my hometown of Edmonton there is a police operation that is carried by a combination of municipal and national law enforcement agencies called spring clean up it starts in March according to local marauders who proliferate and profit from the sale of these mind altering controlled substances. The causal observation that have noticed over the last three years is the fact that these marauders who sell drugs. Like to deploy street theater tactics as in picking targets to create convenient distractions for to the police who are trying to arrest them effectively creating a shit shield so they can either run away to another city or hide somewhere until the dust has settled. What these dealers do with there own supply is they will hand it out to the public freely because they realize it will benefit them later on and plus if they can alter the consciousness of the general public then the odds work out better. However the method in which these dealers choose to do with there supply is matter of ethics and nothing they do is legal or ethical to speak of and how they freely distribute there supply means that there minions below them will unlawfully enter the homes of there targeted individuals (people they assume are informants and neighborhood watch) that will rat them out at a moments notice if they catch them selling or trafficking. This effect is supposed to cause mental distress to the point of either suicide or psychological intervention because the majority of those targeted are usually clean cut, white males who mistaken as being informants or neighborhood watch and associated with other community partners.


The Chemical and Neurological Formula

  • LSD 25, 50, 75 or 100
  • MDMA 25, 50, 75 or 100
  • CO2 Gas Canisters or Cartilages 
  • NOS Gas Canisters or Cartilages
  • Novocaine Gas Canisters or Cartilages
  • Homemade DIY Direct Energy Devices (See Below)  


I point out in a previous post that these dealers will send there minions who are looking to score a piece will unlawfully enter the home a targeted individual and drug everything from sugar bowls used to sweeten coffee to cereal to which shampoo and body wash bottles are also drugged too. This effect essentially micro doses the unwitting person who isn’t aware that these things are happening to them they will assume there going crazy. Because if that person isn’t aware of the temporary psychosis that comes with effects of psychedelics like LSD 25 or MDMA. Then it effectively destroys that individual that dealer or dealers is trying to erase from the community so they can own the streets which goes onto destroy the country including it’s value system.

Also when websites like this exist to promote devices and ideas to play with the human psyche then I have to wonder how is this stuff even legal if it can do serious harm to the general public if it falls into the wrong hands.




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