The Virtue Of Contradictions


What really surprises me is those persons who are apparently against the doctrine of armed jihad still engage the act of jihad but do it covertly aka stealth jihad. So take someone who is a liberal progressive western Muslim which means there religiously liberal and progressive not politically liberal progressive like there arch nemesis religiously ultraconservative regressive anti western Muslims aka Islamists. Means that even they have issues with armed jihad they will still do jihad even they have divested themselves from armed jihad. They will still unconsciously contribute to the doctrine of armed jihad even if they have consciously divested themselves from that imperative.

Sufi’s usually are anti armed jihad or any type of jihad even stealth jihad. But even if they divest themselves from that imperative there still going to be the contributors of the doctrine of armed jihad or stealth jihad. However that will be unconscious not conscious which means that preconscious mind is split between conscious or anti jihad and unconscious or pro jihad.

However now I have realized after three years now that my thing involving those marauders with the assistance from non governmental organizations on left right and in Islamist circles. As well as a few government employees sympathetic to these non governmental organizations that are on the left right and in Islamist circles. The thing I did not understand three years ago was that some government employees wanted to find a means to prosecute me for wrongthink. In another province outside of my home province where the principalities are different then say Alberta where the principality is embodied in the color blue which is embodied on the provincial flag. Versus in British Columbia which is embodied in the color blue white yellow red essentially its all over the provincial flag.

Amanda Korody I figure got pulled into a situation much similar to the one I found myself in a few years ago. Then found herself drugged involuntarily aka MK Ultra, MK Delta or Monarch mind control. Then found herself in British Columbia after hitch hiking across Canada from Ontario literally being psychologically tortured all the way there from Toronto. Unaware of the fact that she was on the grape vine from the plethora of psychedelics she received involuntarily. Then the others like Aaron Driver and Michael Zehaf Bibeau being put through the same program involuntarily pushed from one province to another from one principality to the next as if someone is controlling them remotely like a video game avatar.

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