Keeping The Mind Sharp and But Not Downtrodden


The Unconsicous Mind



12 Strand Solfeggio Mix


111Hz (Alpha)


147Hz (Sublimation)


174Hz (Foundation)


285Hz (Concentric Ascension)


258Hz (Quantum Cognition)


369Hz (Inner Harmony)


396Hz (Liberation From Fear)




417Hz (Transmutation)




432Hz (Schumann Resonance)


471Hz (Eternal Window)


528Hz (DNA Repair)




528Hz (Golden Om Fractual)


528Hz (Agnisa Um)


528Hz DNA Frequency


528Hz Emerald Heart Ascendence


528Hz Schumann Charka Balance


582Hz Galactic Silver Fire Strand


639Hz (Relationship Harmonization)




693Hz (Violet Fire Theta Meditation)


714Hz (Reordering Of Perception)


741Hz (Consciousness Expansion)




741Hz (Conscious and Intuitive Expansion)


825Hz (Awakening Intuition)




936Hz (Mastery)


936Hz (Pineal Gland Activator)




963Hz (Numinous Accord)


1111Hz (Delta Session)


Aether Winds 432Hz


Alpha Alternation


Blue Radiance


Conscious Dreaming


Conscious Release


Delta Shaman


Expansive Awareness Alpha


Flying Celestial Beings


Formless Being Delta


Gamma Centauri


Global Love Intention


Healing Overtone


Healing Pyramid


Liquid Rest


Midnight Ocean


Solfeggio Master 1122Hz


Wandjina Visitations

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