Finding What With Psychedelics? Is It The Jews?

ascension to a higher path

The thing I get a kick out of this is the dumb asses who apparently use psychedelics to find supernatural people. But when first heard such nonsense uttered I thought to myself did the morons who gave this stuff out know that there is no such thing as a supernatural human being and that you would have to be fucking mental to think otherwise. The fucking drugs give you the impression that your connected to the universe, which your not and it simply opens up all regions of the human brain to which before the digestion of psychedelics was completely segregated from itself. So if anything you’re giving away these drugs without first asking for the consent from the persons you want to give it to and then you commit an act of unlawful entry to give it to your victims without consent. Because you have either done way to many types illegal narcotic substances to know right from wrong and that your moral compass is completely shot which misguides you through life. Then these same morons use my smartphone to send me packets to my phone via a pen testing application giving me a lethal dose of radiation each day I had my smartphone in my pocket is supposed to do the honors of driving me absolutely nuts. Because according to the research that I have done on radiation constant exposure can lead mental distress couple that with the doses of psychedelics distributed through different covert methods means that if someone were being subjected to that level of torture. It would result in them committing suicide, carrying out an act of homicide or armed jihad according to the current criteria of the type of minds behind these operations. Which is the far left of western politics and Islam then also the far right of western politics and Islam who apparently reside on the grape vine mind to mind, electronic, psychedelic network. Acting as curators and caretakers for the illegal and outlawed practices of MK Ultra, MK Delta and Monarch programming that was taken off the books in the nineteen seventies by the United States government and I would presume in the nineteen eighties by the Canadian government proceeding the outcome of the MacDonald commission in nineteen eighty four.

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