The Non Aggression Principle

ascension to a higher path

Anyone that has to be involuntarily, forcibly and covertly drugged that can be anyone for whatever reason it maybe is essential violating the non aggression principle and starting hostilities between the individual who involuntarily receives doses of something that most people would not normally consume recreationally. Because libertarian thought basically makes the point about freedom of choice and consent which is a part of contract law. If someone violates a person’s right to life, liberty, prosperity and property has the right defend him or herself from that violation in a peaceful and non aggressive fashion. Unless the other party initiates force against the defendant trying to defend themselves from the other party initiating force. Sure it looks confusing but it is essentially the basis of my right to self defense under the law, Canadian law not Sharia.

The Non Aggression Principle Is An Ethical and Moral Principle That Aims To Avoid Conflict Between Individuals By Prohibiting Crimes Like Theft and Murder The Crimes Prohibited By The NAP Are Behaviors That Are Malum In Se As Opposed To Behaviors That Are Prohibited Due To Laws, Social Norms, or Moral Systems.

The Principle Asserts Aggression Is Always An Illegitimate Encroachment Upon Another Individual’s Life, Liberty, or Property, or Attempt To Obtain From Another Via Deceit What Could Not Be Consensually Obtained. For Example, The NAP Prohibits The Initiation Of Force By One Individual Or Group Of Individuals Against Another Individual or Group Of Individuals.

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