Perps Playing The Victim Card

victim card


If your telling me that I shouldn’t talk to the cops or any form of enforcement for whatever reason that maybe. Then that’s like saying I should not have a landline phone, internet connection, smartphone, tablet, cellphone, Xbox One or a television. Because golly gee dumbshits if you make a phone call, send a text message, send an email, use an app on a smartphone or tablet, turn on the television and power on the Xbox to play some games. Guess it never occurred to you that all of these devices need some network communications protocol to function properly you fucking morons. But also means that the cops can actively or passively intercept all forms of communications protocol that connects to your landline phone, cellphone, smartphone and tablet which connects to the internet but also the smartphone also connects to the internet too. So every time you criminals or terrorists make phone calls with whatever communications medium you have whether that be a landline phone, cellphone or smartphone to each other you may as well dial 911 too give away your location and type of crime your planning to commit to the authorities. Because that is what you fucking dumb asses do every time you sling drugs around, sell stolen goods, break into someone house, commit fraud against someone else’s name and whatever other illegal shit you do that hurts the livelihoods of other people. It’s almost as if you think your somehow immune from being criminally charged because of your minority, social or economic status well if your that fucking arrogant then maybe you deserve to be made to look like dumb asses because that’s what you really fucking are.

victim card (1)

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