Stances On The Global War Front

the war of terror

As some who is a right leaning libertarian I will admit that with all the chaos the front for war especially when it comes to conflicts between western world and the Muslim world that despite every battle from Operation Enduring Freedom to Operation Impact. These wars also end up receiving some form of proxy support from those not fighting them which means that anyone with a one sided anti war argument tends to support the other side of battle morally speaking.

Let me just explain something to clarify my political stance and yes it may seem rather contradictory but anything I say or write down about thirty percent of the time is usually contradictory of what goes in the real world ninety five percent of the time. But I have this anti war stance as much as I have an anti drug stance and well an anti corruption stance too. However I should note that I do work in a convenience store that sells drug paraphernalia but I do not do anything drug wise like marijuana, crack cocaine or crystal meth etc even though I have the appearance of someone who might be a recreational drug user. So that might count as a contradiction even if I do have a strong anti drug stance. Anyways when it comes to the warfare state in particular I have an issue with the western warfare state going to war with the Islamic warfare state. Because then it empowers the Islamist warfare state to go to war with the western world to which the western world then goes to war the Islamic world. But this also means that I am against the Islamist warfare state. Both sides have destroyed civil liberties in the western world something I advocate strongly for and stand by under the circumstances.

But what the political left does with this conundrum is they will say to the face of the public that there anti war and against war in the middle east. But then they will ally themselves with the Islamist warfare state. Which means that there really not anti war but just anti Western and anti Canada. Just like the Islamic world is too on the same ideological basis coming mainly from the Islamist right.

Then the political right who is pro war will throw everything at the Islamist warfare state empowering the western warfare state and who are pro Western and pro Canadian. But they will ally themselves with the Islamist left who is the arch nemesis of the Islamist right and the politicial left. However the Islamist left is considered the black sheep of the Islamic world. But when the pro war right goes to the war with the Islamic world the political left in the western world along with there Islamist allies play the victim card against that western aggression. But then the political left fuels more retaliation against that western aggression by empowering the Islamists to take more action against western forces both internationally and domestically. Meaning increasing attacks against civilians in the western world as well as increased attacks against western forces. So this means that the anti war left is not really anti war but just anti Western and anti Canadian which might explain there lust to support a pro war faction of people dedicated to destroying the western world and its values.

Which begs the question how much of the Muslim world is actually against a globalist warfare state as much as they are against Zionism which is essentially by my standards is the globalist warfare state. So if the Muslim world is so divested in the Zionist warfare state why would they not see there aggression as means to empower that hated warfare state. That they use to buy there weapons from but then throw the ammo they purchase right back the same entities that they acquired from the hated Zionist warfare state. To which they throw there own aggression and ammo back the same group of people who purchase weapons from them in the first place. Then the Muslim world plays the victim card for aggression the Zionist warfare state threw at them after they buy weapons from that very same warfare state. Talk about being manipulative and contradicted but apparently anyone who tries to point out this conundrum might be a racist, bigot, xenophobe or an islamophobe.


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