Increasing WiFi Security


If you’re one of those types that likes to assume that your default router password or custom password will get you by security wise it won’t. Let’s be honest if you get a router issued by a major telecommunications company say like Shaw or Telus it will come with a default SSID and default password. But these settings make it much easier for an attacker to backdoor on top of making it easier for end user to log in with ease without having the hassle of remembering a long string of words and numbers. This level of convenience does nothing to prevent phishing attacks, 0days, malicious firmware injection and attackers even converting these devices into lighter versions of IMSI catchers to capture device ID numbers, IMSI and IMEI numbers. 

Disable WiFi Networking and Port It To Another Device

The thing I did with my DOCSIS 3.0 Shaw issued router was turning off the WiFi networking to which I ported it to another custom routing device purchased from think penguin a website that sells custom Linux PC’s and devices that are based around the open source hardware movement. Then I set the SSID and passphrase differently to which I change every couple of days to confuse any local WiFi war drivers who I presume would have become accustom to my previous network settings without. Another thing that I do is when I am not using the internet at home and nothing in my house requires an active WiFi connection I power off both routers. So that when I am not home during the day that my internet won’t get backdoor by an attacker or a local WiFi war driver in the neighborhood.

Most of these war drivers are out fitted with laptops usually someone traveling with them and other the person driving. Then sometimes these guys will be out fitted with rogue base stations and IMSI sniffers to find law enforcement operated base stations plus they come with equipped with laptops too. Usually there objective is to acquire phone numbers, IMSI numbers and device Identification from wireless devices such smartphones and tablets seeing as there the easiest to access. Guess they could go for these newer personal computers operating windows ten or eight point one and apple osx seeing as commercial spyware programs purchased off the net or whatever these script kiddies have slapped together from other splices of code from black hats on the net. To hack to into these WiFi cracked routers done with the laptops they are carrying around with them can do. Then the I suspect some of these guys with these with the rogue base stations and IMSI sniffers in there vehicles keep an eye on law enforcement activities in the area as a means to protect the activities of there fellow war drivers. Who use smartphones with encrypted end to end messaging applications like signal seeing as that is the choice of communication for your typical far left radical or cyber terrorist apparently. Then to top it off they have GPS jammers or some kind of jamming technology to keep enforcement off there radar.

It’s a tactic that most criminals and terrorists use to elude the authorities is hijacking WiFi routers to commit there crimes against the rest of the public from another persons property or there WiFi network on there private property. The most common tools they use is Tor which is the most easy and cheapest way to avoid detection by electronic spying agencies or other areas of enforcement. Then VPNs too which might be used with Tor to ensure an extra layer of network security against discovery from electronic spying agencies or other areas of enforcement.

Beware of any wireless hidden pinhole IP cameras that may be inside whatever living space you occupy. These devices can be installed in the walls and other areas of your living space that are connected to a WiFi router that you own. These devices are purchased off the internet and the people who put these devices in your living space are usually associate with gangs, terrorist organizations and political radical organizations on the far left or far right. They have built in audio receiver aka a microphone so if that is any indication as to how far this problem goes it’s threat actors that do this stuff. The type of threat actors that do WiFi war driving as mentioned above who break routers and temporarily hijack them to carry out there crimes against the public. Have been known to install there own surveillance devices to illegally monitor homeowners and monitor there psychology.

Protip if you want to avoid potential attackers (war drivers, cyber terrorists or criminals) from tracking your WiFi usage on different WiFi networks from say your home router to a router you connect to at school or work. Every time you leave home for work or school take the login credentials on whatever device you carry with you out of house delete them and when you return home from school or work. Just manually enter your credentials to get back into your home WiFi router. This process can be repeated when connecting to a network you use outside of your house.

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