Everything Is In Beta

beta mode

My thing with technology whether it be software and hardware if it is guaranteed to be secure against the prying eyes of government or criminals. Then you should always consider that every piece of technology software or hardware is in beta even if it is off the self brand new with a money back guarantee. It just like with me and encryption I don’t think that it’s entirely full proof for starters. Phil Zimmerman sold the American public and the entire world an idea which is called pretty good privacy.

People who sell these ideas to the public know that they can play with the concept that if I give the idea for free rather than put a price on it from the start. Means that I can pull a captive audience into my inner circles then start building up a decent fortune with an outer circle to compliment my inner circles along with my idea of privacy I am pretty much invincible from a skeptical public. Who might see me selling the idea of privacy as some sort of scam. Quickly lets invited the privacy cult on the left into the mix to sell the idea better to an unsuspecting public who have very little knowledge hardware/software slave processes. See the thing about the privacy cult on the left and what they won’t tell you about encryption is the more of it you use the more you make yourself a target and potential suspect or person of interest each time. Now this depends on what part of the world you live in and how much surveillance is deployed on the unsuspecting public whether that be from the government or threat actors deploying there own surveillance to compete with the government on the information gathering process.

I look at from this perspective, because a person like myself who is one hundred percent skeptical all hours of the day will see things based on the observations of people who are of the same mindset as I.

Just remember if anyone sells you idea rather than a product that will be useful and not a hassle in your day to day life. Then always consider that privacy salesman are a lot like snake oil salesman with the same slick pitch that a used car salesman uses to sell you a vehicle that breaks down six months after you drive it off the lot.

Keep in mind that most of the technology that public puts there hands on or lay there eyes on it is forked somewhere between alpha and beta. Software is always in alpha because it needs bugs fixes, code audits, patches, revisions and updates to stay current with the hardware that is in beta. Meaning that there will always be a better model of smartphone, tablet, computer or game console that will advertise as some flashy, trendy and cool product that gets released to the general public. Now as for the delta, gamma and theta levels of technology the public never gets to put there hands or lay there eyes on it because I suspect that the elite have access to this stuff and them only. Which means the technology that public uses is just the test bed for the products used later on by the elite to which the all bugs are worked out of them before they put there hands on or lay there eyes on it after the alpha or beta public test is completed.

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