Getting Your Internet Of Things Devices Independently Analysed By A Bonded and Insured Professional Not Just Some Guy

the good, the bad and the confused

If you suspect your wireless devices (smartphones, tablets and newer PC’s) that are backdoored by third parties or threat actors it’s always a good idea to have them thoroughly examined for any potential spyware or malware. That have the ability to intercept phone calls, text messages, application metadata, the camera and microphone. Which allows an attacker to privately intercept your data like the government would but threat actors or third parties are not the government. That’s what most of the general public would like to assume is that is a government thing sure the government can do a lot the stuff that the third parties or threat actor spying do but the technology and procedure is difference between each group whether that be threat actor or government.

Reputable Companies

Don’t take your wireless devices to be analysed by someone who isn’t properly bonded, licensed by the government and advertises there services on Kijiji, craigslist or on social media. Otherwise you end up with even bigger problems than you did before and the device you suspected that is acting up because of spyware and malware.  Then anyone who you thought could clean up your wireless devices turns out to be the type of third party or threat actor that probably contributes to the very problem your trying to solve.

Reputable Computer Forensics Companies – In Canada


TCS Forensics


PWC Canada


Hexigent Consulting

Rescue Data


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