The Government vs Threat Actors 

the war of terror

A few weeks ago I wrote a couple of hypotheses explaining the psychological and sociological aspects of what I think are the differences between the government and threat actors (criminals, terrorists and radicals). Sure it’s a rough sketch of what could be possible and what isn’t possible.

Social Thesis: Number One 

How The Narcissistic Psychopath Can Take Advantage Of You. Just As The Nihilistic Sociopath Can Do The Same Thing But There Is A Different But Similar Outcome Between The Two Personalities. If You Look At Duality Of Man Where One Side Of That Proverbial Person Is The Dark Aka Narcissistic Psychopath and The Light Is The Nihilistic Sociopath. This Just Another Theory As To How Threat Actors Take Advantage Of Anyone Because They May Be Psychologically Different Between Psychopath Or Sociopath But They Have The Same Objectivity With A Similar Outcome On Either End. Just As The Narcissistic Psychopath Can Play The Devil’s Advocate and The Nihilistic Sociopath Can Play God’s Advocate With It’s Prey. Because Once Again The Narcissistic Psychopath and Nihilistic Sociopath Are On The Same Team. Just As The Narcissistic Psychopath Can Play The Logic Of The Targeted Individual. Just Like The Nihilistic Sociopath Can Play The Emotions Of The Targeted Individual.

My Theory About How The Individual Is Used Like The Proverbial Rope In A Proverbial Game Of Tug Of War. Where They Are Pulled Back and Forth By One Side or The Other Which Puts A Strain On That Person’s Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well Being. Which Creates Stress and That Stress Can Lead To Suicide or Something Far Worse Than That Like A Murderous Individual Who Is Looking For Retribution From That Said Abuse.

A Man In Middle Attack In Computer Vernacular Is By Definition Is An Attack Where The Attacker Secretly Relays and Possibly Alters The Communication Between Two Parties Who Believe They Are Directly Communicating With Each Other Either In Person Or With Some Communications Medium.

So If You Think About That On A Geopolitical or Socioeconomic Level Essentially If Two Parties Are Engaged In An Activity Regarding Those Constructs Of Human Interaction. But If Another Person Slips In Between The Those Two Interactions Than Can Be Considered A Man In The Middle Attack In Terms Of The Social Sciences, Psychology or The Humanities.

Where The Attacker Of That Interaction Between Two Parties Plays The Devil’s Advocate With One Individual and God’s Advocate With The Other. In Other Terms That Attacker Could Play The Emotions Of One Individual and Then Play The Logic Of The Other Individual. Just Like That Attacker Could Play The Dark Side Of One Individual and Light Side Of The Other Individual Pitting Both Sides Against Each Other Then That Attacker Could Pull The Psychological Energies Of Both Sides To Attack Another Individual or A Collective Group That The Attacker Hates or Dislikes Greatly.


Social Thesis: Number Two

If You Wanted Look At The Threat Actors Phenomenon A Little Bit Further I Would Recommend Looking At The Battle of Gettysburg. Because There Is An Interesting Bit Of Psychology, Social Science and The Liberal Arts Involved When It Comes To Two Sides Fighting For Dominance Over Others. Except Anyone Caught In The Middle Of That Battle Could Be A Targeted By Both Sides Which Could Describe The Hubris That Are Threat Actors In A Nutshell. Targeted Individuals Like Myself or Others Are Considered Fodder To Both Sides Of The Social Battle In The War Of Ideas and Culture.

Its Essentially Government Operations vs Threat Actor Operations In The Community. Whereas The Targeted Individual Is Pulled To Either Side Of The Proverbial Divide Like A Game Of Tug A War Where Two Sides Use A Rope To Pull One Collective Group Down or The Other Side Tries To Do The Same To Other Collective Group. But The Rope Could Be Considered The Targeted Individual Being Used As A Tool To Take One Group Down Using The Weight Of Another or Vice Versa. It’s The Difference Between Left and Right, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Red and Yellow, Red and Blue, Fundamentalist and Moderate, Violent and Nonviolent Then Last But Not Least Black and White.

It’s A War Between The Social Narcissists Who Think They Doing Good But There Plans Turn To Shit and A Bad Result Comes From The Intent Of Doing Good. Then Social Nihilists Who According To The Social Narcissists Think There Doing Bad But From That Perceived Bad Comes A Good Result. Which Could Literally Mean That The Road To Hell Is Paved Good Intentions Could Classify Those Who Are Social Narcissists. While The Road To Heaven Is Paved Bad Intentions Could Classify Those Who Are Social Nihilists.

If You Examine It Even Further There Isn’t Just Social Narcissists and Social Nihilists But Also Political Narcissists and Political Nihilists As Well As Economic Narcissists and Economic Nihilists Then There Is Also Religious Narcissists and Religious Nihilists.

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