Old Technology Still Useful

Well That Didn't Work

If you want better privacy then don’t spend hundreds of dollars just to secure your communications. Just revert back to old dated technology that most people have forgotten about that can still do the same things the newer stuff already does.

Instead Of A Smartphone – Use A Flip Phone 

Keep in mind if your still needing to use a smartphone for social media, instant messaging or whatever else. Then use a smartphone without the sim card and just limit it’s use to WiFi networks. So at least this way your not tieing your primary phone and sms activity into your social networking, instant messaging and whatever else you might need from the functionality of a smartphone.

Don’t Like Flip Phones – Try A Pager

Now the thing with pagers is if you get buzzed just make sure there is a payphone nearby. Nowadays there isn’t very many of them because of the over abundance of cheap cellphones and smartphones. That are slowly making payphones go extinct, however they will still exist in some limited capacity for emergencies etc.

Instead Of A Tablet – Use An Old Laptop  

The thing I should mention is if your completely into Windows or Apple’s OSX operating system. Then you should know that they don’t provide support or an operating architecture for older computers. But if your tech savvy enough you might be able pop in a Linux distribution it make work like new and it doesn’t come with all the privacy invasive features.

Don’t Like Old Laptops – Use A Typewriter 

Now if you need to send your type works to some you can use the old fashion postal system. No third party threat actors to be concerned about because they will more focused on the interception of data and communications of mobile or stationery devices.

Protip: Face To Face Conversations Work The Best Especially When You Have No Technology In Your Pockets Or On Your Person.

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